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......@@ -7,19 +7,40 @@ analysis needs to be preserved, reading and writing such enormous
restart files on massively parallel supercomputing systems remains
H5Part consists of Particles, Block structured Fields and unstructured
data (Topo).
H5Part consists of Particles and Block structured Fields.
Developed by .
Developed by:
For further information contact: <a href="mailto:xxxxx">xxxxxx</a> -
xxxx xxxxx, (xxx) xxx.
<LI> Andreas Adelmann (PSI) </LI>
<LI> Achim Gsell (PSI) </LI>
<LI> Benedikt Oswald (PSI) </LI>
<LI> Wes Bethel (NERSC/LBNL)</LI>
<LI> John Shalf (NERSC/LBNL)</LI>
<LI> Cristina Siegerist (NERSC/LBNL)</LI>
Last modified on xxx xx, 2006.
<a href="">LBNL Vis Group </a><br>
<LI> A. Adelmann, R.D. Ryne, C. Siegerist, J. Shalf,"From Visualization to Data Mining with Large Data Sets," <i>
<a href="">Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC05)</a></i>, Knoxville TN., May 16-20, 2005. (LBNL-57603)
<a href="">FPAT082.pdf</a>
<LI> A. Adelmann, R.D. Ryne, J. Shalf, C. Siegerist,"H5Part: A Portable High Performance Parallel Data Interface for Particle Simulations," <i>
<a href="">Particle Accelerator Conference (PAC05)</a></i>, Knoxville TN., May 16-20, 2005.
<a href="">FPAT083.pdf</a>
For further information contact: <a href="">h5part</a>
Last modified on April 19, 2007.
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