Commit 06da58b1 authored by gsell's avatar gsell

News for version 1.4.1 added

parent d41a59f9
* Added support for HDF 1.8.1.
* Added float32 and int64 versions of the H5Block scalar field
read/write functions, using a new naming convention:
H5Block3dWriteScalarFieldFloat64() (was H5Block3dWriteScalarField())
H5Block3dWriteScalarFieldFloat32() (new)
H5Block3dWriteScalarFieldInt64() (new)
The old functions still exist, but may be removed in the future.
* Modified _write_data() in H5Block to write arbitrary data types.
* Fixed a bug in the configure script which was preventing compiling
the FORTRAN library on Cray XT4 architectures.
* Fixed a bug in ./test/H5BlockTestAttributes.c
Error Handling
Now all functions, in which an error could occure, are returning a
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