Commit 4144c2b6 authored by gsell's avatar gsell


	* H5PartOpenFileParallel()
		- MPI hints removed, they are useless
		- delegate real work to new function "_H5Part_open_file()"
	* H5PartOpenFile()
		- delegate real work to new function "_H5Part_open_file()"
	* _H5Part_open_file()
		- new function perfoming the real work
		- set step name and number format in file structure
	* H5PartDefineStepName()
		- new function to define step name and format of step number
	* _H5Part_set_step()
	* H5PartGetNumDatasets()
	* H5PartGetDatasetName()
	* H5PartGetDatasetInfo()
	* _H5Part_get_num_particles()
		- use step name und step number format defined in file struct
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