Commit 624edd3b authored by gsell's avatar gsell


	- rule to build "H5BlockTestAttributesF"
		* link to non-parallel versions of the library
parent f698ae76
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ H5BlockTestAttributes: H5BlockTestAttributes.o
H5BlockTestAttributesF.o: H5BlockTestAttributesF.f90
H5BlockTestAttributesF: H5BlockTestAttributesF.o
$(FC) -o $@ $< $(H5LIB) -lpH5PartF -lpH5Part $(LIBS)
$(FC) -o $@ $< $(H5LIB) -lH5PartF -lH5Part $(LIBS)
H5BlockParTestScalarField.o: H5BlockParTestScalarField.c
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