Commit 6e14b0ae authored by gsell's avatar gsell


	- several format string fixes
parent 8a9cdf32
......@@ -316,9 +316,9 @@ _read_data (
"My partition is: "
"%lld:%lld, %lld:%lld, %lld:%lld\n",
layout->i_start, layout->i_end,
layout->j_start, layout->j_end,
layout->k_start, layout->k_end );
(long long)layout->i_start, (long long)layout->i_end,
(long long)layout->j_start, (long long)layout->j_end,
(long long)layout->k_start, (long long)layout->k_end );
printf (
"PROC[%d]: "
"Value has been written by proc %d\n",
......@@ -328,9 +328,9 @@ _read_data (
"The partition for this proc was: "
"%lld:%lld, %lld:%lld, %lld:%lld\n",
i_start, i_end,
j_start, j_end,
k_start, k_end );
(long long)i_start, (long long)i_end,
(long long)j_start, (long long)j_end,
(long long)k_start, (long long)k_end );
return -1;
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