Commit 6e322269 authored by gsell's avatar gsell


	- use "-1" to indicate an uninitialized "timegroup" in "H5PartFile"
	  a valid "timegroup" is greater or equal zeros
	- _set_step()
		* added, derived from "H5PartSetStep()"
	- H5PartSetStep()
		* call "_set_step()" to do the real work
	- _H5Part_get_num_particles()
		* added, derived from "H5PartGetNumParticles()"
	- H5PartGetNumParticles()
		* call "_H5Part_get_num_particles()" to do the real work
	- H5PartSetNumParticles()
		* use new function "_set_step()" instead of "H5PartSetStep()"
		* print no extra error message if "_set_step()" returns
		  with an errror
	- _reset_view()
		* added, derived from "H5PartSetView()"
	- H5PartResetView()
		* added, was a macro before
	- H5PartHasView()
		* added, was a macro before
	- _set_view()
		* added, derived from "H5PartSetView()"
		* "#ifdef HDF5V160" block removed
	-  H5PartSetView()
		* call "_set_view()" to do the real work
	- H5PartGetView()
		* use vars "viewend" and "viewstart" to instead "range[0]"
		  and range[1]
		* call "_set_step()" if timegroup not initialized
	- H5PartSetCanonicalView()
		* check whether we are in read-only mode replaced with macro
		* "_reset_view()" used instead of "H5PartSetView(f,-1,-1)
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