Commit 85190536 authored by gsell's avatar gsell


- h5_setprop_file_corevfd(): bugfix
parent 3c8b11f9
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ h5_setprop_file_corevfd (
"prop=%lld, increment=%lld",
(long long int)*_prop, (long long int)*increment);
h5_prop_t prop = (h5_prop_t)*_prop;
H5_API_RETURN ((h5_int64_t)h5_set_prop_file_core_vfd (prop, increment));
H5_API_RETURN ((h5_int64_t)h5_set_prop_file_core_vfd (prop, *increment));
#define h5_setprop_file_align FC_MANGLING ( \
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