Commit ad7c1cf0 authored by gsell's avatar gsell

test for mpicc/mpicxx in AC_PROG_CC if parallel is enabled

parent 375132fa
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ AC_ARG_WITH(
[path to MPI installation [default=""]])],
[MPIPATH=$withval], [MPIPATH=""])
......@@ -134,29 +134,17 @@ fi
# Determine a C compiler to use.
# Determine a C/C++ compiler to use.
# If CC is not already set in the environment, check for gcc and cc, then
# for other C compilers.
# Set output variable CC to the name of the compiler found.
if test "x$USE_PARALLEL" = "xyes"; then
CC=`which $CC`
AC_PROG_CC(pgcc pathcc icc cc_r gcc cc)
# Determine a C++ compiler to use.
# Check if the environment variable CXX or CCC (in that order) is set;
# if so, then set output variable CXX to its value.
# Otherwise, if the macro is invoked without an argument,
# then search for a C++ compiler under the likely names (first g++ and c++
# then other names).
# If none of those checks succeed, then as a last resort set CXX to g++.
if test "x$USE_PARALLEL" = "xyes"; then
CC=`which $CC`
CXX=`which $CXX`
AC_PROG_CC(pgcc pathcc icc cc_r gcc cc)
AC_PROG_CXX(pgCC pathCC icc cc_r g++ gcc cc)
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