Commit e23aeea0 authored by adelmann's avatar adelmann 🎗

remove dbg output

parent 7dc39816
......@@ -582,13 +582,13 @@ update_internal_structs (
clock_t t1 = clock();
TRY( compute_elems_of_vertices (f, from_lvl) );
clock_t t2 = clock();
fprintf (stderr, "compute_elems_of_vertices(): %f\n",
// fprintf (stderr, "compute_elems_of_vertices(): %f\n",
// (float)(t2-t1)/CLOCKS_PER_SEC);
t1 = clock();
TRY( compute_elems_of_edges (f, from_lvl ) );
t2 = clock();
fprintf (stderr, "compute_elems_of_edge(): %f\n",
// fprintf (stderr, "compute_elems_of_edge(): %f\n",
// (float)(t2-t1)/CLOCKS_PER_SEC);
h5_debug ("%s (%lld): done", __func__, (long long)from_lvl);
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