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setup: add usage text

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...@@ -77,7 +77,33 @@ unset OTB_SYMLINKS ...@@ -77,7 +77,33 @@ unset OTB_SYMLINKS
__usage(){ __usage(){
echo " echo "
Usage: Usage:
source ${_my_name} [--prefix DIR] [CONFIG_FILE] source ${_my_name} [--prefix DIR] [CONFIG_FILE]
This script setup the environment for the OPAL Toolchain Builder.
Installation prefix. The default is
Everything will go into this directory including
downloaded and temporary files.
In the configuration file you can set the compiler
collection and the MPI flavour you want to use.
On Linux the compiler collection defaults to GCC
on Linux and Clang/LLVM on macOS.
Please note: Depending on the OPAL features you
want to enable, you might need a Fortran compiler
in addition to C++11.
The default MPI flavour is OpenMPI.
In the configuration file you can also define
which build-script have to be called.
Predefined configuration files are available in
the sub-directory 'config/{linux,macOS}'.
" 1>&2 " 1>&2
return ${OTB_ERR_ARG} return ${OTB_ERR_ARG}
} }
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