Commit 568d2cf5 authored by kraus's avatar kraus

keep stat- and lbal-file and append to them

parent 753b85d4
rm -f RestartTest-4.stat RestartTest-4.lbal RestartTest-4.h5
rm -f RestartTest-4.h5
for X in lbal stat;do cp RestartTest-4.$X.bak RestartTest-4.$X;done
mpirun -np 4 $OPAL_EXE_PATH/opal -restart 0 -restartfn RestartTest-4.h5.bak --commlib mpi --info 0 --warn 0 2>&1
......@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@ awk '/^merlin/ {print $1" slots="$2}' $PE_HOSTFILE > $MACHINE_FILE
cp $MACHINE_FILE machinefile.last
rm -f RestartTest-4.stat
rm -f RestartTest-4.h5
for X in lbal stat;do cp RestartTest-4.$X.bak RestartTest-4.$X;done
OPAL="$OPAL_EXE_PATH/opal -restart 0 -restartfn RestartTest-4.h5.bak --commlib mpi --info 0 --warn 0 2>&1"
CMD="$OPENMPI/bin/mpirun -x LD_LIBRARY_PATH -machinefile $MACHINE_FILE -np $NSLOTS $OPAL "
\ No newline at end of file
&description text="Statistics data 28/05/2015 10.07.37"
, contents="stat parameters" &end
&parameter name=processors, type=long, description="Number of Cores used" &end
&parameter name=revision, type=string, description="git revision of opal" &end
&column name=t, type=double, units=s, description="1 Time" &end
&column name=s, type=double, units=m, description="2 Average Longitudinal Position" &end
&column name=numParticles, type=long, units=1, description="3 Number of Macro Particles" &end
&column name=charge, type=double, units=1, description="4 Bunch Charge" &end
&column name=energy, type=double, units=MeV, description="5 Mean Energy" &end
&column name=rms_x, type=double, units=m , description="6 RMS Beamsize in x " &end
&column name=rms_y, type=double, units=m , description="7 RMS Beamsize in y " &end
&column name=rms_s, type=double, units=m , description="8 RMS Beamsize in s " &end
&column name=rms_px, type=double, units=1 , description="9 RMS Momenta in x " &end
&column name=rms_py, type=double, units=1 , description="10 RMS Momenta in y " &end
&column name=rms_ps, type=double, units=1 , description="11 RMS Momenta in s " &end
&column name=emit_x, type=double, units=m , description="12 Normalized Emittance x " &end
&column name=emit_y, type=double, units=m , description="13 Normalized Emittance y " &end
&column name=emit_s, type=double, units=m , description="14 Normalized Emittance s " &end
&column name=mean_x, type=double, units=m , description="15 Mean Beam Position in x " &end
&column name=mean_y, type=double, units=m , description="16 Mean Beam Position in y " &end
&column name=mean_s, type=double, units=m , description="17 Mean Beam Position in s " &end
&column name=max_x, type=double, units=m , description="18 Max Beamsize in x " &end
&column name=max_y, type=double, units=m , description="19 Max Beamsize in y " &end
&column name=max_s, type=double, units=m , description="20 Max Beamsize in s " &end
&column name=xpx, type=double, units=1 , description="21 Correlation xpx " &end
&column name=ypy, type=double, units=1 , description="22 Correlation ypyy " &end
&column name=zpz, type=double, units=1 , description="23 Correlation zpz " &end
&column name=notused1, type=double, units=1 , description="24 notused1 in y " &end
&column name=notused2, type=double, units=1 , description="25 notused2 in y " &end
&column name=Dx, type=double, units=m , description="26 Dispersion in x " &end
&column name=DDx, type=double, units=1 , description="27 Derivative of dispersion in x " &end
&column name=Dy, type=double, units=m , description="28 Dispersion in y " &end
&column name=DDy, type=double, units=1 , description="29 Derivative of dispersion in y " &end
&column name=Bx_head, type=double, units=T , description="30 Bx-Field component of head particle " &end
&column name=By_head, type=double, units=T , description="31 By-Field component of head particle " &end
&column name=Bz_head, type=double, units=T , description="32 Bz-Field component of head particle " &end
&column name=Ex_head, type=double, units=MV/m , description="33 Ex-Field component of head particle " &end
&column name=Ey_head, type=double, units=MV/m , description="34 Ey-Field component of head particle " &end
&column name=Ez_head, type=double, units=MV/m , description="35 Ez-Field component of head particle " &end
&column name=Bx_ref, type=double, units=T , description="36 Bx-Field component of ref particle " &end
&column name=By_ref, type=double, units=T , description="37 By-Field component of ref particle " &end
&column name=Bz_ref, type=double, units=T , description="38 Bz-Field component of ref particle " &end
&column name=Ex_ref, type=double, units=MV/m , description="39 Ex-Field component of ref particle " &end
&column name=Ey_ref, type=double, units=MV/m , description="40 Ey-Field component of ref particle " &end
&column name=Ez_ref, type=double, units=MV/m , description="41 Ez-Field component of ref particle " &end
&column name=Bx_tail, type=double, units=T , description="42 Bx-Field component of tail particle " &end
&column name=By_tail, type=double, units=T , description="43 By-Field component of tail particle " &end
&column name=Bz_tail, type=double, units=T , description="44 Bz-Field component of tail particle " &end
&column name=Ex_tail, type=double, units=MV/m , description="45 Ex-Field component of tail particle " &end
&column name=Ey_tail, type=double, units=MV/m , description="46 Ey-Field component of tail particle " &end
&column name=Ez_tail, type=double, units=MV/m , description="47 Ez-Field component of tail particle " &end
&column name=dE, type=double, units=MeV , description="48 energy spread of the beam " &end
&data mode=ascii, no_row_counts=1 &end
OPAL git rev. b3c2a5474d38ec3e144339f55b9e57e92359b891
74292d6fa73d85cdc2ddf934fdb7abf2 RestartTest-4.out
8941dbb30bfa20e1aa4872d85c9af248 RestartTest-4.out
c2a79736a4e9bfa8e3db277982581495 RestartTest-4.stat
54ed333dcb7b6cc4f49f8b9b422309e5 RestartTest-4.stat
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