Commit 7345164d authored by kraus's avatar kraus

speeding up restart test 7

parent dc9e7b03
Option, INFO=TRUE;
Option, PSDUMPFREQ=50;
Option, PSDUMPFREQ=100;
Title, string="SwissFEL Injector, Phase 1 (Feb. 2010)";
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ beam1: BEAM, PARTICLE=ELECTRON, GAMMA=gamma, pc=P0, NSLICE=101, BFREQ=bfreq, BCU
Select, Line = l1;
// Simulation of the gun with step size 0.1 ps
track, line=l1, beam=beam1, MAXSTEPS=1000000, DT=1.0e-12, ZSTOP=1.5;
track, line=l1, beam=beam1, MAXSTEPS=1000000, DT=1.0e-12, ZSTOP=1.0;
run, method = "PARALLEL-SLICE", beam = beam1, fieldsolver = Fs1, distribution = Dist1;
ec19d7d0dc07ff557e635aaa07c961e4 RestartTest-7.lbal
4a666120bfbea01c9adb6fb37de7fd18 RestartTest-7.lbal
493b1accf4193f83629860baffa260c1 RestartTest-7.out
db19c7df0793d6aaa9cb5aefdc7a0391 RestartTest-7.out
4ea34a200a4673db0ab8b86ab25ffd14 RestartTest-7.stat
a0eabf5125cf2ea2f24ab9579d8f6419 RestartTest-7.stat
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