Commit 80a2662d authored by adelmann's avatar adelmann 🎗

fix input file such that we have csr in drift. referernce data is corresponds to 1.6.x

parent 54f3e3fa
......@@ -191,7 +191,10 @@ if (CSR_ON > 0) {
L = bend_length,
GAP = 0.02,
drift2:DRIFT, L=0.4, ELEMEDGE=0.4 + bend_length + drift_before_bend, WAKEF = FS_CSR_WAKE;
drift2:DRIFT, L=0.4, ELEMEDGE=bend_length + drift_before_bend, WAKEF = FS_CSR_WAKE;
// drift2:DRIFT, L=0.4, ELEMEDGE=0.225 , WAKEF = FS_CSR_WAKE;
} else {
bend1: SBend, ANGLE = bend_angle,
E1 = 0.08726646259971647,
547348e627361b6861bcb15096592ff8 CSRBendDrift.lbal
b3074b47519730649926df14b350af10 CSRBendDrift.lbal
This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.
d486b8272a45768402ea1c91bbb974e1 CSRBendDrift.out
729e059c79e87313626a4cdfc38d10e4 CSRBendDrift.out
01ec371aec567609dcbbe9b4498e9e8a CSRBendDrift.stat
042d7db955a4939dada1ab3b48e5c2e3 CSRBendDrift.stat
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