Commit 782bb8e2 authored by snuverink_j's avatar snuverink_j
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add missing options to help, discussed in #8

parent 4ad4a7ae
......@@ -48,22 +48,27 @@ def getBaseName():
return name
def printUsage():
print("./ [--restart-file=FILE [--restart-step=STEPNR | --restart-pos=POS]] [--help] [--info=num] [--test] [--keep] [--queue=qname] [--hypert=num] [--nobatch] [ATTR=SCANVALUE] {[ATTR=VALUE]}")
print("./ [--restart-file=FILE [--restart-step=STEPNR | --restart-pos=POS]] [--help] [--quiet] [--info=num] [--test] [--keep] [--queue=qname] [--hypert=num] [--nobatch] [ATTR=SCANVALUE] {[ATTR=VALUE]}")
print("--help prints this message")
print("--test does everything but submitting the job")
print("--keep if same simulation has been run before, keep old data and abort")
print("--nobatch run opal locally not using the batch system and waits until the job is done")
print("--quiet suppress debug printout")
print("--info=<num> steers the std-output of OPAL. The range is 0 < num < 6 (default), from minimal to maximum output")
print("--queue=<qname> defines in which queue the job goes. Overwrites QUEUE (deprecated SGE_QUEUE)")
print("--hypert=<num> defines the number of Hyper-Threads used. Default 0")
print("--restart-file specifies the file that needs to be restarted.")
print("--restart-pos specifies the position (in meter) defining the restart of the simulation. If no data has been dumped at that position *runOpal* will use the nearest position stored in the restart file as restart position. Unit of POS is meter.")
print("--restart-step specifies the restart step of the simulation.")
print("SCANVALUE=start:end:step, scans a parameter space, e.g. example TFWHM=0.85:0.90:0.01 ")
print("ATTR refers to a name in the data file")
print("Recognized environment variables: DISTRIBUTIONS, FIELDMAPS, OPAL_EXE_PATH, TEMPLATES, QUEUE, RAM, TIME (deprecated SGE_)")
# temporary see issue #8
print("Important: runOPAL is currently not compatible with the commands OPTIMIZE and SAMPLE")
def traverseRanges(list, opaldict, args, doNobatch):
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