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    Multiple time stepping (MTS) integrator for CYCLOTRON-T · 6f40a6de
    Matthias Toggweiler authored
        - Additional method ParallelCyclotronTracker::Tracker_MTS
        - If successfully tested, it should replace Tracker_LF
        - Detailed description and sample input file will follow
        - Brief usage guide:
            - Use 'TIMEINTEGRATOR="MTS"' instead of 'TIMEINTEGRATOR="LF-2"'
            - The outer, large step is for integration of space charge, the substeps
              for everything else.
            - Define number of substeps per step with 'Option, MTSSUBSTEPS=10;'.
              This must be an even number >= 2.
            - The input file has to be rewritten in units of the large step, so
              divide STEPSPERTURN, PSDUMPFREQ (and others) by MTSSUBSTEPS to
              maintain similar behaviour.
            - MTSSUBSTEPS and SCSOLVEFREQ both describe the frequency of space
              charge solves compared to the basic step. However, MTSSUBSTEPS
              can be chosen larger while maintaining accuracy. Try it :-)
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