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AMR test case: Remove the rest of all AMR Python plotting scripts.

deleted:    ippl/test/AMR/
deleted:    ippl/test/AMR/
parent 9641fdd3
# @file
# @author Matthias Frey
# @date 26. Oct. 2016
# @details The files generated by error.cpp can be visualized using this script.
# It plots the number of levels vs. the Euclidean error norm where the
# error is computed between the single- and multi-level solution.
# @pre Environment variable OPAL_BUILD has to be set.
# @brief Plot the Euclidean error norm vs. the level of refinement
import numpy as np
import os
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
## Absolute path to OPAL build directory
opal = os.environ['OPAL_BUILD']
# Create an error plot
# @param filename is the absolute path
# @param xlab is the label on the x-axis
# @param ylab is the label on the y-axis
def doPlot(filename, xlab, ylab):
# error with respect to single-level solve.
nLevels, l2err = np.loadtxt(filename, unpack=True)
plt.plot(nLevels, l2err, "-o")
doPlot(opal + "/ippl/test/AMR/l2_error_NOPARTICLES.dat",
'#levels', r'$L_{2}$-error')
doPlot(opal + "/ippl/test/AMR/l2_error_UNIFORM.dat",
'#levels', r'$L_{2}$-error')
doPlot(opal + "/ippl/test/AMR/l2_error_GAUSSIAN.dat",
'#levels', r'$L_{2}$-error')
# @file
# @author Matthias Frey
# @date 19. Oct. 2016, LBNL
# @pre Environment variable OPAL_BUILD has to be set.
# @details Script for visualizing the output files of iterative.cpp.
# It plots the potential (centered in longitudinal direction)
# and the elecric field components (centered)
# @brief Plot potential and electric field of iterative.cpp
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import os
def doPlot(var1, var2, col, xlab, ylab, clab, sub, tit,
xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax):
plt.subplots_adjust(hspace=0.4, wspace=0.5)
plt.scatter(var1, var2, c=col, marker=',', s=100, edgecolors='face')
plt.xlim((xmin, xmax))
plt.ylim((ymin, ymax))
cb = plt.colorbar()
opal = os.environ['OPAL_BUILD']
# potential
i, j, k, phi = np.loadtxt(opal + "/ippl/test/AMR/phi.dat", unpack=True)
h = int(0.5 * max(k))
xi = np.extract(k == h, i)
yi = np.extract(k == h, j)
phi = np.extract(k == h, phi)
print max(phi)
print min(phi)
doPlot(xi, yi, phi, 'grid in x', 'grid in y', r'$\phi\quad [V]$', 221, 'Electrostatic Potential',
0, max(xi)+1, 0, max(yi)+1)
# horizontal electric field
i, j, ex = np.loadtxt(opal + "/ippl/test/AMR/ex.dat", unpack=True)
doPlot(i, j, ex, 'grid in x', 'grid in y', r'$E_{x}\quad [V/m]$', 222, 'Horizontal Electric Field',
-1, max(i)+1, -1, max(j)+1)
print 'max Ex = ', max(ex)
print 'min Ex = ', min(ex)
# vertical electric field
i, j, ey = np.loadtxt(opal + "/ippl/test/AMR/ey.dat", unpack=True)
doPlot(i, j, ey, 'grid in x', 'grid in y', r'$E_{y}\quad [V/m]$', 223, 'Vertical Electric Field',
-1, max(i)+1, -1, max(j)+1)
print 'max Ey = ', max(ey)
print 'min Ey = ', min(ey)
# longitudinal electric field
j, k, ez = np.loadtxt(opal + "/ippl/test/AMR/ez.dat", unpack=True)
doPlot(j, k, ez, 'grid in y', 'grid in z', r'$E_{z}\quad [V/m]$', 224, 'Longitudinal Electric Field',
-1, max(j)+1, -1, max(k)+1)
print 'max Ez = ', max(ez)
print 'min Ez = ', min(ez)
# 21. Dec. 2016
left = 0.05
right = 0.95
bottom = 0.05
top = 0.95
wspace = 0.1
hspace = 0.15
plt.subplots_adjust(left, bottom, right, top, wspace, hspace)
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