Commit c75a6722 authored by kraus's avatar kraus

fixing restart in ParallelSliceTracker

parent b4728120
......@@ -1008,7 +1008,7 @@ void Distribution::DoRestartOpalE(EnvelopeBunch &beam, size_t Np, int restartSte
COMPLAINONFAILURE(H5PartSetView(H5file, starti, endi));
N = (int)H5PartGetNumParticles(H5file);
assert(N >= 0 && (unsigned int) N != beam.numMySlices());
assert(N >= 0 && (unsigned int) N == beam.numMySlices());
double actualT;
COMPLAINONFAILURE(H5ReadStepAttribFloat64(H5file, "TIME", &actualT));
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