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# OPAL_PREFIX is also used by OpenMPI!
set dont-setenv { OPAL_PREFIX }

set whatis	"Object Oriented Particle Accelerator Library"
set url		""
set license	"PSI"
set maintainer	"Achim Gsell <>"

set help	"
OPAL is a C++ framework for general particle accelerator simulations. It
includes various beam line element descriptions and methods for single
particle optics, namely maps up to arbitrary order, symplectic integration
schemes and lastly time integration. OPAL is based on IPPL (Independent
Parallel Particle Layer) which adds parallel capabilities. Main functions
inherited from IPPL are: structured rectangular grids, fields and parallel
FFT and particles with the respective interpolation operators. Other
features are, expression templates and massive parallelism (up to 65000
processors) which makes is possible to tackle the largest problems in the
field. A new iterative solver handles arbitrary complex boundary conditions
and benefiting from the new geometry class. 

source		$env(PSI_LIBMODULES)
setenv          OPAL_EXE_PATH   "${PREFIX}/bin"

set-family OPAL