Commit 0a783771 authored by stadler_h's avatar stadler_h


Use tar.gz source instead of bz2, because that's what gnu provides
parent de3945c4
gcc/7.1.0 stable b:gmp/6.1.2 b:mpfr/3.1.5 b:mpc/1.0.3
gcc/7.2.0 stable b:gmp/6.1.2 b:mpfr/3.1.5 b:mpc/1.0.3-2
gcc/7.3.0 stable b:gmp/6.1.2 b:mpfr/4.0.0 b:mpc/1.1.0
#!/usr/bin/env modbuild
pbuild::patch_sources_Darwin() {
if (( V_MAJOR == 4 && V_MINOR <= 8 )) || \
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