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Add scicat_client to the datacatalog module.

The script is based off the scicat_client-0.1.0 anaconda environment.
Conda does not need to be activated to run, so the pmodule simple
symlinks the entrypoint to the module bin.
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# scicat-client
The scicat-client environment is used in the datacatalog module. Contact
Spencer Bliven, Stephan Egli, or Leo Sala for more info.
## Installing
First, create the conda environment
conda env create -f scicat_client.yml
Next, install scicat_client. Eventually this should be done automatically
through conda, but for now it needs to be installed from source.
git clone
cd scicat_client
conda activate scicat_client-0.1.0
python install
# Clean environment based on pure conda-forge packages
name: scicat_client-0.1.0
- conda-forge
- python=3.8
- requests
# development tools
- conda-build
- black
- flake8
- mypy
- mypy_extensions
- typing_extensions
- tox
- tox-conda
- pytest
# Datacatalog
## Overview
This module provides tools to interface with the Data Catalog (
## Installation
Run `./build <VERSION>` to install the latest version. This downloads the
latest versions of the datasetIngestor, datasetRetriever, and datasetArchiver
tools. Note that the downloads are not versioned, so make sure that the current
variant matches the installed binaries.
The `scicat_client` script is also installed. This is maintained as an anaconda
environment, then symlinked into the datacatalog pmodule. Anaconda hard-codes
the correct python interpreter, so all dependencies should resolve even though
the conda module is not activated. See
Programming/anaconda/2019.07/conda-env-defs/scicat_client for environment
installation details.
# The Mellanox MXM communication library
## Overview
The Mellanox MXM communication library provides support for the Mellanox MXM interface for InfiniBand.
## Installation
For the module we use a RPM distributed by HP.
1. Create new directory `/opt/psi/System/mxm/VERSION_merlin`
1. Download RPM from
1. Unpack RPM with `rpm2cpio RPM | cpio -i --make-dirs` somewhere
1. copy all files from `opt/mellanox/mxm` to the module directory
1. adapt directories in `lib/pkg-config/mxm.pc`
1. add new variant to `files/variants`
1. run the build-script to install the modulefile and to set the release
> **Note:** The shared library ``provided by the RPMs for RHEL 6 cannot be used to compile other software.
They requiry GLIBC >= 2.14, but on RHEL 6 only 2.12 is installed!
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -25,5 +25,8 @@ pbuild::install() {
/usr/bin/curl -o "$PREFIX/bin/datasetArchiver"
chmod +x "$PREFIX/bin/datasetArchiver"
# Hardcoded; could be made version-specific in the future if needed
ln -s "${PMODULES_ROOT}/Programming/anaconda/2019.07/conda/envs/scicat_client-0.1.0/bin/scicat_client" "$PREFIX/bin/scicat_client"
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