Commit 0ff2f418 authored by gsell's avatar gsell


- first version of script to update releases according the variant files
parent baf5e279
declare buildblock=$1
declare variants=$2
declare -r OS=$(uname -s)
# File format example
# openmpi/1.10.2 unstable gcc/4.8.5
declare -a toks=()
declare version=''
declare release=''
declare -a dependencies=()
while read -a toks; do
# skip comment and empty line
(( ${#toks[@]} == 0 )) && continue
[[ "${toks[0]:0:1}" == "#" ]] && continue
dependencies=( ${toks[@]:2} )
"${buildblock}" "${module#*/}" "${dependencies[@]/#/--with=}"
if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then
echo "Failed building: ${module} --release=${release} ${dependencies[@]/#/--with=}" 1>&2
exit 42
done < "${variants}"
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