Commit 194ed07e authored by gsell's avatar gsell

Merge branch '113-mithra-new-build-block' into 'master'

Resolve "MITHRA: new build block"

Closes #113

See merge request Pmodules/buildblocks!148
parents 6ae4757a 18beaf08
#!/usr/bin/env modbuild
case ${V_PKG} in
2020.8.27 )
2.0.0 )
* )
echo "Unsupported version!" 1>&2
pbuild::set_download_url "${commit}.tar.gz"
pbuild::add_to_group 'MPI'
#pbuild::install_docfiles 'license.txt'
pbuild::install_docfiles ''
pbuild::configure() {
# Local Variables:
# mode: sh
# sh-basic-offset: 8
# tab-width: 8
# End:
MITHRA/2020.8.27 unstable gcc/8.4.0 openmpi/3.1.6
MITHRA/2.0.0 unstable gcc/8.4.0 openmpi/3.1.6
MITHRA/2020.8.27_slurm unstable gcc/8.4.0 openmpi/3.1.6_slurm
MITHRA/2.0.0_slurm unstable gcc/8.4.0 openmpi/3.1.6_slurm
module-whatis "full-wave numerical solver for free-electron lasers."
module-url ""
module-license "none"
module-maintainer "Achim Gsell <>"
module-help "
MITHRA is a full-wave numerical solver for free-electron lasers.
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