Commit 57897bd1 authored by gsell's avatar gsell


- adapted to new format
parent d6fb8df9
1.8.2 stable gcc/4.7.4
1.8.2 stable gcc/4.8.3
1.8.2 stable gcc/4.8.4
1.8.2 stable gcc/4.8.5
1.8.2 deprecated gcc/4.9.2
1.8.2 stable gcc/4.9.3
1.8.4 stable gcc/4.7.4
1.8.4 stable gcc/4.8.3
1.8.4 stable gcc/4.8.4
1.8.4 stable gcc/4.9.2
1.8.8 deprecated gcc/4.8.4
1.8.8 stable gcc/4.8.5
1.8.8 stable gcc/4.9.3
1.8.8 deprecated gcc/5.2.0
1.8.8 stable gcc/5.3.0
1.8.8 unstable gcc/6.1.0
openmpi/1.8.2 stable gcc/4.7.4
openmpi/1.8.2 deprecated gcc/4.8.3
openmpi/1.8.2 deprecated gcc/4.8.4
openmpi/1.8.2 stable gcc/4.8.5
openmpi/1.8.2 deprecated gcc/4.9.2
openmpi/1.8.2 stable gcc/4.9.3
openmpi/1.8.4 stable gcc/4.7.4
openmpi/1.8.4 deprecated gcc/4.8.3
openmpi/1.8.4 deprecated gcc/4.8.4
openmpi/1.8.4 deprecated gcc/4.9.2
openmpi/1.8.4 deprecated gcc/4.9.3
openmpi/1.8.8 deprecated gcc/4.8.4
openmpi/1.8.8 stable gcc/4.8.5
openmpi/1.8.8 stable gcc/4.9.3
openmpi/1.8.8 deprecated gcc/5.2.0
openmpi/1.8.8 stable gcc/5.3.0
openmpi/1.8.8 unstable gcc/6.1.0
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