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parents b140709d 107e8a1d
:Linux:Darwin: unstable gcc/4.8.5
:Linux:Darwin: unstable gcc/4.9.3
:Linux:Darwin: unstable gcc/5.2.0
:Linux: unstable intel/15.3
# comment
1.10.0 Linux,Darwin deprecated gcc/4.8.4
1.10.0 Linux,Darwin deprecated gcc/4.9.2
1.10.0 Linux,Darwin deprecated gcc/4.9.3
1.10.2 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.8.5
1.10.2 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.9.3
1.10.2 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/5.2.0
1.10.2 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/5.3.0
1.10.2 Linux unstable intel/15.3
1.8.2,1.8.4,1.8.8 stable Linux,Darwin gcc/4.7.4
1.8.2,1.8.4,1.8.8 stable Linux,Darwin gcc/4.8.3
1.8.2,1.8.4,1.8.8 stable Linux,Darwin gcc/4.8.4
1.8.2,1.8.4,1.8.8 unstable Linux,Darwin gcc/4.8.5
1.8.2,1.8.4,1.8.8 stable Linux,Darwin gcc/4.9.2
1.8.2,1.8.4,1.8.8 unstable Linux,Darwin gcc/4.9.3
# comment
1.8.2 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.7.4
1.8.2 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.3
1.8.2 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4
1.8.2 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.9.2
1.8.4 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.7.4
1.8.4 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.3
1.8.4 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4
1.8.4 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.9.2
1.8.8 Linux,Darwin deprecated gcc/4.8.4
1.8.8 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.8.5
1.8.8 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.9.3
1.8.8 Linux,Darwin deprecated gcc/5.2.0
1.8.8 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/5.3.0
......@@ -7,8 +7,11 @@ pbuild::configure() {
--enable-mpi-cxx-seek \
--enable-mpi-f90 \
--enable-mpi-profile \
--enable-orterun-prefix-by-default \
--enable-shared \
--enable-smp-locks \
--with-sge=yes \
--with-slurm=yes \
|| exit 1
declare -r basedir=$(dirname $0)
source '../../config/Pmodules.conf'
declare -r recipe="${basedir}/$1/build"
if [[ ! -x "${recipe}" ]]; then
echo "Error: no recipe to build '$1'!"
exit 1
for cc in "${COMPILER_VERSIONS[@]}"; do
for mpi in "${MPI_VERSIONS[@]}"; do
for hdf5 in "${HDF5_VERSIONS[@]}"; do
"${recipe}" "$@" --with=$cc --with=$mpi --with=$hdf5 || {
echo "Oops: build failed for:"
echo " compile: $cc"
echo " mpi: $mpi"
echo " hdf5: $hdf5"
exit 1
5.1.1 Linux,Darwin stable
6.0.0 Linux,Darwin stable
6.1.0 Linux,Darwin unstable
1.0.2 Linux,Darwin stable gmp/5.1.1 mpfr/3.1.2
1.0.3 Linux,Darwin stable gmp/6.1.0 mpfr/3.1.4
......@@ -14,6 +14,5 @@ declare -rx CC=gcc
module use 'Libraries'
pbuild::add_to_group 'Libraries'
pbuild::set_build_dependencies 'gmp' 'mpfr'
3.1.2 Linux,Darwin stable gmp/5.1.1
3.1.3 Linux,Darwin stable gmp/6.0.0
3.1.4 Linux,Darwin stable gmp/6.1.0
......@@ -3,6 +3,9 @@
pbuild::configure() {
"${MODULE_SRCDIR}"/configure \
--prefix="${PREFIX}" \
--with-pic=yes \
--disable-shared \
--disable-jpeg \
|| exit 1
set whatis "set of C functions that support the manipulation of TIFF image files."
set url ""
set license "BSD-like, see:"
set maintainer "Achim Gsell <>"
module-whatis "set of C functions that support the manipulation of TIFF image files."
module-url ""
module-license "BSD-like, see:"
module-maintainer "Achim Gsell <>"
set help "
module-help "
This software provides support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF), a
widely used format for storing image data. The latest version of the TIFF
specification is available on-line in several different formats, as are a
number of Technical Notes (TTN's).
source $env(PSI_LIBMODULES)
1.10.0 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.8.5 openmpi/1.10.2
1.10.0 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.9.3 openmpi/1.10.2
1.10.0 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/5.3.0 openmpi/1.10.2
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.7.4 openmpi/1.6.5
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.7.4 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.7.4 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.3 openmpi/1.6.5
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.3 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.3 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4 openmpi/1.6.5
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.9.2 openmpi/1.6.5
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.9.2 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.12 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.9.2 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.7.4 openmpi/1.6.5
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.7.4 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.7.4 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.3 openmpi/1.6.5
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.3 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.3 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4 openmpi/1.6.5
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.8.4 openmpi/1.8.8
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.9.2 openmpi/1.6.5
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.9.2 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.14 Linux,Darwin stable gcc/4.9.2 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/ Linux,Darwin stable gcc/5.2.0 openmpi/1.8.8
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.8.5 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.8.5 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.8.5 openmpi/1.8.8
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.9.3 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.9.3 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/4.9.3 openmpi/1.8.8
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/5.3.0 openmpi/1.8.2
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/5.3.0 openmpi/1.8.4
hdf5/1.8.16 Linux,Darwin unstable gcc/5.3.0 openmpi/1.8.8
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ pbuild::configure() {
--enable-cxx \
--enable-fortran \
--enable-unsupported \
--enable-threadsafe \
--with-pic \
|| exit 1
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