Commit 861ab772 authored by gsell's avatar gsell
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config/Pmodules.conf: family configuration removed, did not work properly anyway

parent 2172a047
...@@ -4,14 +4,3 @@ declare -x MODULES_VERSION=3.2.10 ...@@ -4,14 +4,3 @@ declare -x MODULES_VERSION=3.2.10
declare -a COMPILER_VERSIONS=( 'gcc/4.7.4' 'gcc/4.8.3' 'gcc/4.8.4' 'gcc/4.9.2' ) declare -a COMPILER_VERSIONS=( 'gcc/4.7.4' 'gcc/4.8.3' 'gcc/4.8.4' 'gcc/4.9.2' )
declare -a MPI_VERSIONS=( 'openmpi/1.6.5' 'openmpi/1.8.2' 'openmpi/1.8.4' ) declare -a MPI_VERSIONS=( 'openmpi/1.6.5' 'openmpi/1.8.2' 'openmpi/1.8.4' )
declare -a HDF5_VERSIONS=( 'hdf5/1.8.12' 'hdf5/1.8.14' ) declare -a HDF5_VERSIONS=( 'hdf5/1.8.12' 'hdf5/1.8.14' )
declare COMPILER='gcc'
declare COMPILER_VERSION='4.8.4'
declare MPI='openmpi'
declare MPI_VERSION='1.8.4'
declare HDF5='hdf5/1.8.12'
declare HDF5_serial='hdf5_serial/1.8.12'
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