Commit 9202b47b authored by gsell's avatar gsell

Merge branch '107-parmetis-release-4-0-3-as-stable' into 'master'

Resolve "parmetis: release 4.0.3 as stable"

Closes #107

See merge request Pmodules/buildblocks!142
parents a3e6fdee 5e172f71
parmetis/4.0.3_slurm unstable gcc/{7.5.0,8.4.0,9.3.0} openmpi/3.1.6_slurm b:cmake/3.15.5
parmetis/4.0.3_slurm stable gcc/{7.5.0,8.4.0,9.3.0} openmpi/3.1.6_slurm b:cmake/3.15.5
......@@ -22,4 +22,4 @@ parmetis/4.0.3 stable intel/17.4 openmpi/{1.10.7,2.1.2,3.0.0} b:cmake/3.6.3
parmetis/4.0.3 stable gcc/7.3.0 mpich/3.3 b:cmake/3.9.6
parmetis/4.0.3 unstable gcc/{7.5.0,8.4.0,9.3.0,10.1.0} openmpi/3.1.6 b:cmake/3.9.6
parmetis/4.0.3 stable gcc/{7.5.0,8.4.0,9.3.0,10.1.0} openmpi/3.1.6 b:cmake/3.9.6
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