Commit e0585540 authored by gsell's avatar gsell


- variants for hdf5 1.8.16 and 1.8.17 added
- set variants for outdated compilers to deprecated
parent 6f2ea675
hdf5_serial/1.8.12 stable gcc/4.7.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.12 stable gcc/4.8.3
hdf5_serial/1.8.12 stable gcc/4.8.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.12 stable gcc/4.9.2
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 stable gcc/4.7.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 stable gcc/4.8.3
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 stable gcc/4.8.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 stable gcc/4.9.2
hdf5_serial/1.8.15-patch1 unstable gcc/5.2.0
hdf5_serial/1.8.12 stable gcc/4.7.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.12 deprecated gcc/4.8.3
hdf5_serial/1.8.12 deprecated gcc/4.8.4
#hdf5_serial/1.8.12 stable gcc/4.8.5
hdf5_serial/1.8.12 deprecated gcc/4.9.2
#hdf5_serial/1.8.12 stable gcc/4.9.3
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 stable gcc/4.7.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 deprecated gcc/4.8.3
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 deprecated gcc/4.8.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 stable gcc/4.8.5
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 deprecated gcc/4.9.2
hdf5_serial/1.8.14 stable gcc/4.9.3
hdf5_serial/1.8.15-patch1 unstable gcc/5.2.0
hdf5_serial/1.8.16 stable gcc/4.7.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.16 stable gcc/4.8.5
hdf5_serial/1.8.16 stable gcc/4.9.3
hdf5_serial/1.8.16 stable gcc/5.3.0
hdf5_serial/1.8.16 stable gcc/6.1.0
hdf5_serial/1.8.17 stable gcc/4.7.4
hdf5_serial/1.8.17 stable gcc/4.8.5
hdf5_serial/1.8.17 stable gcc/4.9.3
hdf5_serial/1.8.17 stable gcc/5.3.0
hdf5_serial/1.8.17 stable gcc/6.1.0
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