Commit 0198914f authored by gsell's avatar gsell

Merge branch...

Merge branch '85-modulecmd-missing-newline-in-the-warning-after-loading-a-unstable-or-deprecated-module' into 'master'

Resolve "modulecmd: missing newline in the warning after loading a unstable or deprecated module"

Closes #85

See merge request !49
parents 337474bf cd13cfb3
......@@ -526,13 +526,13 @@ subcommand_load() {
local msg=$(printf "%s %s: %s -- %s\n" \
local msg=$(printf "%s %s: %s -- %s" \
"${CMD}" 'load' \
"${release} module has been loaded" \
if [[ ${verbosity_lvl} != silent ]] && \
[[ ${release} != stable ]]; then
std::info "${msg}"
std::info "%s\n" "${msg}"
logger "${msg}"
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