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Resolve "add CHANGES file"

Closes #81

See merge request !45
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Changes in version 1.0.0rc5 (since 1.0.0rc2)
- build-system
* lot of cleanup, refactoring and bugfixes
* '.*' is now a valid version argument
* 'system' isn't a synonym for OS/kernel any more. It defines a target operating system like RHEL6, macOS1014.
* checks for supported system, OS and compiler
* compute default for the number of parallel make jobs
* calling pbuild::make_all in a build-script is now deprecate
- modulecmd
* --with option of sub-command search now accepts a comma separated list of strings
* better load hints
* log modules loaded to syslog
* PMODULES_ENV is exported only on content changes
* bugfixes and cleanup
- never tagged
- never tagged
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