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Resolve "update software packages"

Closes #93

See merge request !58
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......@@ -12,6 +12,20 @@
**Fixed bugs:**
## Version 1.0.0rc7 (not yet released)
**Added features:**
- Support of run-time dependencies which are required but must not be loaded
- Update to BASH 5.0
- Update to Tcl 8.6.10
**Fixed bugs:
- installation of fallback shared libraries
## Version 1.0.0rc6
bash 4.4.18
bash 5.0
coreutils 8.31
getopt 1.1.6
gettext 0.19.8
Pmodules 1.0.0rc7
Tcl 8.6.9
Tcl 8.6.10
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