Commit 593d0035 authored by gsell's avatar gsell
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modbuild: implementation of system and OS specific targets

parent 0dff5d58
...@@ -837,7 +837,13 @@ pbuild::make_all() { ...@@ -837,7 +837,13 @@ pbuild::make_all() {
fi fi
local targets=() local targets=()
targets+=( "pre_${target}_${system}" "pre_${target}_${OS}" "pre_${target}" ) targets+=( "pre_${target}_${system}" "pre_${target}_${OS}" "pre_${target}" )
targets+=( "${target}" ) if typeset -F pbuild::${target}_${system} 1>/dev/null 2>&1; then
targets+=( "${target}_${system}" )
elif typeset -F pbuild::${target}_${OS} 1>/dev/null 2>&1; then
targets+=( "${target}_${OS}" )
targets+=( "${target}" )
targets+=( "post_${target}_${system}" "post_${target}_${OS}" "post_${target}" ) targets+=( "post_${target}_${system}" "post_${target}_${OS}" "post_${target}" )
for t in "${targets[@]}"; do for t in "${targets[@]}"; do
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