Commit c4a7c48d authored by gsell's avatar gsell
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libstd.bash: fix issue in getting OS release

- try to get the OS release via lsb_release first
- then via /etc/os-release
- abort if both fail
parent c6f90a57
......@@ -272,7 +272,19 @@ There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law."
std.get_os_release_linux() {
source /etc/os-release
local lsb_release=$(which lsb_release)
local ID=''
local VERSION_ID=''
if [[ -n $(which lsb_release) ]]; then
ID=$(lsb_release -is)
VERSION_ID=$(lsb_release -rs)
elif [[ -r '/etc/os-release' ]]; then
source /etc/os-release
std::die 4 "Cannot determin OS release!\n"
case "${ID}" in
science | rhel | centos | fedora )
echo "rhel${VERSION_ID%.*}"
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