1. 17 Sep, 2016 4 commits
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      modified: Accelerator.py · dfd9abbf
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      modified:   Global.py
      modified:   View.py
      modified:   main.py
      Make the window more general. Still many improvements possible.
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      Test commit. · 98814254
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      new file: README · 50ccb1cd
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      new file: AcceLegoRator/Accelerator.py · b0a31224
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      new file:   AcceLegoRator/BaseElement.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/BeamShape.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/Global.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/Plots.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/TwissParameter.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/View.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/main.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/AcceLEGOrator/Beam.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/AcceLEGOrator/MainAcceLegoRator.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/AcceLEGOrator/MainAcceLegoRator.py~
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/AcceLEGOrator/Physics.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/AcceLEGOrator/Tutorial/MainAcceLegoRator.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/AcceLEGOrator/Tutorial/script
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/AcceLEGOrator/__init__.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/Beam.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/MainAcceLegoRator.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/Physics.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/2015/__init__.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/Assignments.txt
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/FirstTrySimpleMatrix.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/Requirements.txt
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/StrategyIssues.txt
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/TestSleepFunctions.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/features-over-time.txt
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/sol_1_simple.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/task_1_sol.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/task_2_sol.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/task_3_sol.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/task_5_examples.py
      new file:   AcceLegoRator/old/task_5_sol.py
      	- Add AcceLegoRator of Jochen Krempel
      	- Add AcceLegoRator of Nick Sauerwein
      	- Add students directory