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      Start mc4 with cmake. Cmake structure is in place · 8c7151f1
      adelmann authored
        CXX=mpicxx cmake ~/svnwork/ippl/projects/mc4-new/
      creates the build structure. Check out the ReadMe in the top directory to see
      errors that we still have w.r.t. compiling.
      At the moment the FFT solver does not compile with a lot of (probable C++) related 
      [  2%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/mc4.dir/FieldSolvers/FFTPoissonSolverPeriodic.cc.o
      In file included from /Users/adelmann/svnwork/ippl/projects/mc4-new/src/ChargedParticles/ChargedParticles.hh:9:0,
                       from /Users/adelmann/svnwork/ippl/projects/mc4-new/src/FieldSolvers/FieldSolver.hh:3,
                       from /Users/adelmann/svnwork/ippl/projects/mc4-new/src/FieldSolvers/FFTPoissonSolverPeriodic.hh:18,
                       from /Users/adelmann/svnwork/ippl/projects/mc4-new/src/FieldSolvers/FFTPoissonSolverPeriodic.cc:8:
      /Users/adelmann/svnwork/ippl/projects/mc4-new/src/PwrSpec/PwrSpec.hh:14:11: error: 'ChargedParticles' does not name a type
      /Users/adelmann/svnwork/ippl/projects/mc4-new/src/PwrSpec/PwrSpec.hh:15:20: error: expected nested-name-specifier before 'ChargedParticles'
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