Commit 0fa181b8 authored by bliven_s's avatar bliven_s
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Deprecating crYOLO/1.2.3 and moving other versions to stable

1.2.3 was based on miniconda and should be removed in the future
parent d46d0e64
crYOLO/1.2.3 unstable cuda/9.0.176
crYOLO/1.5.6_gpu unstable anaconda/2019.07
crYOLO/1.6.1_gpu unstable anaconda/2019.07
crYOLO/1.6.1_cpu unstable anaconda/2019.07
crYOLO/1.2.3 deprecated cuda/9.0.176
crYOLO/1.5.6_gpu stable anaconda/2019.07
crYOLO/1.6.1_gpu stable anaconda/2019.07
crYOLO/1.6.1_cpu stable anaconda/2019.07
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