Commit 03fb919c authored by kraus's avatar kraus
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fix some long standing errors w.r.t RADDEG and DEGRAD :)

parent cf8e1878
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ RealConstant::RealConstant():
OpalData *OPAL = OpalData::getInstance();
OPAL->create(new RealConstant("PI", this, Physics::pi));
OPAL->create(new RealConstant("TWOPI", this, Physics::two_pi));
OPAL->create(new RealConstant("RADDEG", this, 180.0 / Physics::pi / 180.0));
OPAL->create(new RealConstant("RADDEG", this, 180.0 / Physics::pi));
OPAL->create(new RealConstant("DEGRAD", this, Physics::pi / 180.0));
OPAL->create(new RealConstant("E", this, Physics::e));
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