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Modified distribution so that TRANSVCUTOFF is now active for GUNGAUSSFLATTOPTH and ASTRAFLATTOPTH.

If TRANSVCUTOFF is negative or zero, these distribution work the same as before. (The default value for TRANSVCUTOFF is set to -3.0 and the other routine that reads it takes the absolute value.) If it is greater than zero, then sigx_m defines the Gaussian sigmas in x and y and particles greater than the radius defined by TRASNVCUTOFF are excluded. We made this change because SLAC is reporting lowered emittances using Gaussian cut transverse profiles comparted to the usual uniform profiles.
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......@@ -77,13 +77,13 @@ public:
virtual bool canReplaceBy(Object *object);
/// Make clone.
virtual Distribution *clone(const string &name);
virtual Distribution *clone(const std::string &name);
/// Check the Distribution data.
virtual void execute();
/// Find named Distribution.
static Distribution *find(const string &name);
static Distribution *find(const std::string &name);
/// Return the embedded CLASSIC PartData.
const PartData &getReference() const;
......@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ public:
double getFNParameterVYSecond();
int getSecondaryEmissionFlag();
bool getEmissionMode() ;
string getTypeofDistribution();
std::string getTypeofDistribution();
double getvSeyZero();//return sey_0 in Vaughan's model
double getvEZero();//return the energy related to sey_0 in Vaughan's model
......@@ -171,9 +171,9 @@ private:
Vector_t bincoef, PartBunch &beam, size_t particles,
bool isBinned);
void binnDistribution(PartBunch &beam, size_t Np, string distType);
void binnDistribution(PartBunch &beam, size_t Np, std::string distType);
void binnDistributionFromFile(PartBunch &beam, const string fn);
void binnDistributionFromFile(PartBunch &beam, const std::string fn);
double eVtoBetaGamma(const double &valueIneV, const double &mass) {
double tmp = 1. + valueIneV / mass;
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ private:
void operator=(const Distribution &);
// Clone constructor.
Distribution(const string &name, Distribution *parent);
Distribution(const std::string &name, Distribution *parent);
// Class members.
......@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ private:
//`setup() fills the following variables
string distT_m;
std::string distT_m;
DistrTypeT distrTypeT_m; // will replace distT_m
double corr_m[7];
......@@ -272,8 +272,8 @@ private:
Data for Laser Profile read in
string laserProfileFn_m;
string laserImage_m;
std::string laserProfileFn_m;
std::string laserImage_m;
double intensityCut_m;
LaserProfile *lp_m;
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