Commit c08d729b authored by gsell's avatar gsell

Tools/git: version 2.21.0 added, fix in build-script

parent 8d6743cb
......@@ -9,7 +9,12 @@ pbuild::pre_configure_Darwin() {
pbuild::post_configure_Linux() {
echo 'LIBC_CONTAINS_LIBINTL=' >> "${SRC_DIR}/config.mak.autogen"
pbuild::pre_configure() {
pbuild::add_configure_args "LIBS=-lintl"
pbuild::add_configure_args "--with-tcltk"
pbuild::add_configure_args "--with-perl=${PERL_PREFIX}/bin/perl"
......@@ -5,3 +5,4 @@ git/2.11.1 stable Tcl/8.6.4 Tk/8.6.4
git/2.13.0 stable Tcl/8.6.4 Tk/8.6.4 b:perl b:asciidoc b:xmlto
git/2.16.2 stable Tcl/8.6.4 Tk/8.6.4 b:perl b:asciidoc b:xmlto
git/2.19.1 unstable Tcl/8.6.4 Tk/8.6.4 b:perl/5.26.1 b:asciidoc/8.6.9 b:xmlto/0.0.28
git/2.21.0 unstable Tcl/8.6.9 Tk/8.6.9 b:perl/5.28.1 b:asciidoc/8.6.9-1 b:xmlto/0.0.28 b:gettext/0.19.8
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