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Initial release of datacatalog module, not yet productive

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# The Mellanox MXM communication library
## Overview
The Mellanox MXM communication library provides support for the Mellanox MXM interface for InfiniBand.
## Installation
For the module we use a RPM distributed by HP.
1. Create new directory `/opt/psi/System/mxm/VERSION_merlin`
1. Download RPM from
1. Unpack RPM with `rpm2cpio RPM | cpio -i --make-dirs` somewhere
1. copy all files from `opt/mellanox/mxm` to the module directory
1. adapt directories in `lib/pkg-config/mxm.pc`
1. add new variant to `files/variants`
1. run the build-script to install the modulefile and to set the release
> **Note:** The shared library ``provided by the RPMs for RHEL 6 cannot be used to compile other software.
They requiry GLIBC >= 2.14, but on RHEL 6 only 2.12 is installed!
\ No newline at end of file
#!/usr/bin/env modbuild
pbuild::prep() {
pbuild::configure() {
pbuild::compile() {
pbuild::install() {
mkdir -p "$PREFIX/bin"
/usr/bin/curl -o "$PREFIX/bin/datasetIngestor"
chmod +x "$PREFIX/bin/datasetIngestor"
datacatalog/1.1.15 removed
datacatalog/1.1.16 deprecated
datacatalog/1.1.17 stable
module-whatis "SciCat datacatalog related tools"
module-url ""
module-license "GPL-V3"
module-maintainer "Stephan Egli <>"
module-help "
Data catalog ingest and retrieve tools.
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