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update sigmagenerator after updates in closedorbitfinder; remove unused members

parent 45a96375
......@@ -1362,6 +1362,7 @@ void Distribution::createMatchedGaussDistribution(size_t numberOfParticles, doub
......@@ -106,12 +106,13 @@ public:
* @param cycl is the cyclotron element
* @param N is the number of integration steps (closed orbit computation). That's why its also the number
* of maps (for each integration step a map)
* @param Nsectors is the number of sectors that the field map is averaged over (closed orbit computation)
* @param truncOrder is the truncation order for power series of the Hamiltonian
* @param write is a boolean (default: true). If true all maps of all iterations are stored, otherwise not.
SigmaGenerator(value_type I, value_type ex, value_type ey, value_type ez,
value_type E, value_type m, const Cyclotron* cycl,
size_type N, size_type truncOrder, bool write = true);
size_type N, size_type Nsectors, size_type truncOrder, bool write = true);
/// Searches for a matched distribution.
......@@ -209,10 +210,10 @@ public:
value_type Emin_m;
/// Maximum energy reached in cyclotron, \f$ \left[E_{max}\right] = MeV \f$
value_type Emax_m;
/// Number of (symmetric) sectors
size_type nSector_m;
/// Number of integration steps for closed orbit computation
size_type N_m;
/// Number of (symmetric) sectors the field is averaged over
size_type nSectors_m;
/// Number of integration steps per sector (--> also: number of maps per sector)
size_type nStepsPerSector_m;
......@@ -222,18 +223,12 @@ public:
/// Error of computation
value_type error_m;
/// Location of magnetic fieldmap
std::string fieldmap_m;
/// Truncation order of the power series for the Hamiltonian (cyclotron and space charge)
size_type truncOrder_m;
/// Decides for writing output (default: true)
bool write_m;
/// Scale the magnetic field values (default: 1.0)
value_type scaleFactor_m;
/// Stores the stationary distribution (sigma matrix)
matrix_type sigma_m;
......@@ -333,6 +328,7 @@ SigmaGenerator<Value_type, Size_type>::SigmaGenerator(value_type I,
value_type m,
const Cyclotron* cycl,
size_type N,
size_type Nsectors,
size_type truncOrder,
bool write)
: I_m(I)
......@@ -347,15 +343,13 @@ SigmaGenerator<Value_type, Size_type>::SigmaGenerator(value_type I,
, converged_m(false)
, Emin_m(cycl->getFMLowE())
, Emax_m(cycl->getFMHighE())
, nSector_m(cycl->getSymmetry())
, N_m(N)
, nSectors_m(Nsectors)
, nStepsPerSector_m(N/cycl->getSymmetry())
, nSteps_m(N)
, error_m(std::numeric_limits<value_type>::max())
, fieldmap_m(cycl->getFieldMapFN())
, truncOrder_m(truncOrder)
, write_m(write)
, scaleFactor_m(cycl->getBScale())
, sigmas_m(nStepsPerSector_m)
, rinit_m(0.0)
, prinit_m(0.0)
......@@ -463,7 +457,7 @@ template<typename Value_type, typename Size_type>
if (!harmonic) {
ClosedOrbitFinder<value_type, size_type,
boost::numeric::odeint::runge_kutta4<container_type> > cof(m_m, N_m, cycl, false);
boost::numeric::odeint::runge_kutta4<container_type> > cof(m_m, N_m, cycl, false, nSectors_m);
if ( !cof.findOrbit(accuracy, maxitOrbit, E_m, denergy, rguess) ) {
throw OpalException("SigmaGenerator::match()",
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