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adding comments to describe the variable names

parent 88d38ccf
...@@ -41,7 +41,6 @@ typedef struct __align__(16) { ...@@ -41,7 +41,6 @@ typedef struct __align__(16) {
int Binincol; int Binincol;
double DTincol; double DTincol;
double Qincol; double Qincol;
long LastSecincol;
Vector_t Bfincol; Vector_t Bfincol;
Vector_t Efincol; Vector_t Efincol;
...@@ -54,18 +53,17 @@ typedef struct { ...@@ -54,18 +53,17 @@ typedef struct {
#else #else
typedef struct { typedef struct { // struct for description of particle in material
int label; int label; // the status of the particle (0 = in material / -1 = move back to bunch
unsigned localID; unsigned localID; // not so unique identifier of the particle
Vector_t Rincol; Vector_t Rincol; // position
Vector_t Pincol; Vector_t Pincol; // momentum
long IDincol; long IDincol; // unique identifier of the particle inherited from the bunch
int Binincol; int Binincol; // bin number
double DTincol; double DTincol; // time step size
double Qincol; double Qincol; // charge
long LastSecincol; Vector_t Bfincol; // magnetic field
Vector_t Bfincol; Vector_t Efincol; // electric field
Vector_t Efincol;
#endif #endif
...@@ -127,16 +125,16 @@ private: ...@@ -127,16 +125,16 @@ private:
void calcStat(double Eng); void calcStat(double Eng);
double T_m; // own time, maybe larger than in the bunch object double T_m; // own time, maybe larger than in the bunch object
double dT_m; // dt from bunch double dT_m; // dt from bunch
gsl_rng *rGen_m; gsl_rng *rGen_m; // random number generator
std::string material_m; std::string material_m; // type of material e.g. aluminum
std::string FN_m; std::string FN_m; // name of element
ElementBase::ElementType collshape_m; ElementBase::ElementType collshape_m; // the type of element (DEGRADER, CCOLLIMATOR or FLEXIBLECOLLIMATOR)
std::string collshapeStr_m; std::string collshapeStr_m; // the type of element as string
// material parameters
double Z_m; double Z_m;
double A_m; double A_m;
double A2_c; double A2_c;
...@@ -148,20 +146,24 @@ private: ...@@ -148,20 +146,24 @@ private:
double I_m; double I_m;
double n_m; double n_m;
// number of particles that enter the material in current step (count for single step)
unsigned bunchToMatStat_m; unsigned bunchToMatStat_m;
// number of particles that are stopped by the material in current step
unsigned stoppedPartStat_m; unsigned stoppedPartStat_m;
// number of particles that leave the material in current step
unsigned rediffusedStat_m; unsigned rediffusedStat_m;
// number of local particles that are in the material
size_t locPartsInMat_m; size_t locPartsInMat_m;
// some statistics // some statistics
double Eavg_m; double Eavg_m; // average kinetic energy
double Emax_m; double Emax_m; // maximum kinetic energy
double Emin_m; double Emin_m; // minimum kinetic energy
std::vector<PART> locParts_m; std::vector<PART> locParts_m; // local particles that are in material
std::unique_ptr<LossDataSink> lossDs_m; std::unique_ptr<LossDataSink> lossDs_m;
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