Commit 82e4991f authored by kraus's avatar kraus
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Merge branch 'remove_duplication_of_reference_particle_in_opal-t_and_bunch' into 'master'

Avoid duplication of member variables for location and momentum of the...

See merge request OPAL/src!75
parents 2e97949f 98f9ec13
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......@@ -201,9 +201,6 @@ private:
OpalBeamline itsOpalBeamline_m;
Vector_t RefPartR_m;
Vector_t RefPartP_m;
bool globalEOL_m;
bool wakeStatus_m;
......@@ -248,8 +245,6 @@ private:
IpplTimings::TimerRef BinRepartTimer_m;
IpplTimings::TimerRef WakeFieldTimer_m;
CoordinateSystemTrafo referenceToLabCSTrafo_m;
std::set<ParticleMatterInteractionHandler*> activeParticleMatterInteractionHandlers_m;
bool particleMaterStatus_m;
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