Commit 3c1174c6 authored by ulrich_y's avatar ulrich_y
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Typos in GiNaC detection

parent 4191e7fb
......@@ -568,7 +568,7 @@ if $HAVE_GINAC ; then
eval addflag CXXFLAGS "-std=c++11"
if [[ ! -z "$CONF_PKGCONFIG" ]]; then
echo -n "Does pkg-config know about GiNaC... " 1>&3
if $CONF_PKGCONFIG --exists ginac ; then
if $CONF_PKGCONFIG --atleast-version=1.7.4 ginac ; then
echo "yes" 1>&3
eval addflag CXXFLAGS `$CONF_PKGCONFIG --cflags ginac`
eval addflag LFLAGS `$CONF_PKGCONFIG --libs ginac`
......@@ -579,13 +579,13 @@ if $HAVE_GINAC ; then
if ! $FOUNDGINAC ; then
FOUNDGINAC=`findlib ginac GINAC && findlib cln CLN`
if ! $FOUND_GINAC ; then
findlib ginac GINAC && findlib cln CLN && FOUND_GINAC=true
eval addflag LFLAGS "-L`dirname $CONF_GINAC`"
eval addflag LFLAGS "-L`dirname $CONF_CLN`"
eval addflag LFLAGS "-lginac -lcln"
if $FOUNDGINAC; then
if $FOUND_GINAC; then
echo -n "Checking if GiNaC works... " 1>&3
tee $test.ginac.cpp << _EOF_ 1>&2
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