Commit 4c6c2802 authored by ulrich_y's avatar ulrich_y

Follow-up to 49b5b5b2: tested for wrong file in GiNaC test

parent 2a2de647
......@@ -676,7 +676,7 @@ _EOF_
$CONF_CXX $CONF_CXXFLAGS $CONF_BITS -c $test.ginac.cpp
echo "Running $CONF_LD -o $test.ginac $test.ginac.o $CONF_LFLAGS" 1>&2
$CONF_LD -o $test.ginac $test.ginac.o $CONF_LFLAGS
if [[ ! -x "$test" ]]; then
if [[ ! -x "$test.ginac" ]]; then
echo "error compiling GiNaC" 1>&3
exit 1
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