Commit c74ee500 authored by Luca Naterop's avatar Luca Naterop
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get simply a log if two args but not convergent

parent 5fd2633a
......@@ -104,9 +104,17 @@ CONTAINS
call print_G(z_flat,y)
! only two arguments? -> we get a logarithm
! need make convergent?
if(.not. is_convergent(z_flat,y)) then
print*, 'need to make convergent'
if(size(z_flat) == 1) then
print*, 'we get simply a log'
res = log(y-z_flat(1)) - log(-z_flat(1))
end if
res = reduce_to_convergent(z_flat, y)
end if
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ PROGRAM TEST
! call do_GPL_tests()
! call do_shuffle_tests() ! put this somewhere else
res = G_flat(cmplx((/1.0,10.0/)),cmplx(2.0))
res = G_flat(cmplx((/1.0,3.0/)),cmplx(2.0))
print*, res
! if(tests_successful) then
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