Commit eac15ea1 authored by ulrich_y's avatar ulrich_y

Added help to test

parent eb58b347
...@@ -44,9 +44,9 @@ PROGRAM TEST ...@@ -44,9 +44,9 @@ PROGRAM TEST
case('-ginac-tests') case('-ginac-tests')
tol = 8.0e-7 tol = 8.0e-7
call do_ginac_tests call do_ginac_tests
case ('-speed-tests') case('-speed-tests')
call do_timing_tests(readint(trim(arg),i)) call do_timing_tests(readint(trim(arg),i))
case ('-hw-tests') case('-hw-tests')
tol = 8.0e-7 tol = 8.0e-7
call do_high_weight_tests call do_high_weight_tests
#else #else
...@@ -55,17 +55,16 @@ PROGRAM TEST ...@@ -55,17 +55,16 @@ PROGRAM TEST
#endif #endif
case ('-long-test') case('-long-test')
tol = 8.0e-7 tol = 8.0e-7
call do_long_test call do_long_test
#else #else
case('-long-test') case('-long-test')
call errprint("Argument "//trim(arg)//" is not available, compile with --with-ginac") call errprint("Argument "//trim(arg)//" is not available, compile with --with-ginac")
#endif #endif
case ('-report')
#ifdef DEBUG #ifdef DEBUG
verb = 1000 verb = 1000
tol = zero * 1.e5_prec tol = zero * 1.e5_prec
call do_MPL_tests call do_MPL_tests
call do_GPL_tests call do_GPL_tests
...@@ -73,10 +72,13 @@ PROGRAM TEST ...@@ -73,10 +72,13 @@ PROGRAM TEST
tests_successful = tests_successful .and. do_chen_test() tests_successful = tests_successful .and. do_chen_test()
#if defined(HAVE_GINAC) && defined(HAVE_MM) #if defined(HAVE_GINAC) && defined(HAVE_MM)
call do_ginac_tests call do_ginac_tests
#endif #endif
call printhelp
case default case default
call errprint("Unknown argument "//trim(arg)) call errprint("Unknown argument "//trim(arg)//". Try -h to get help")
end select end select
i = i+1 i = i+1
...@@ -100,6 +102,43 @@ CONTAINS ...@@ -100,6 +102,43 @@ CONTAINS
stop 1 stop 1
end subroutine end subroutine
subroutine printhelp
character(len=32) :: arg
call get_command_argument(0,arg)
#ifdef DEBUG
print*,"Usage: "//trim(arg)//" [-verb <n>] [opts]"
print*,"Usage: "//trim(arg)//" [opts]"
print*,"Runs a set of tests for handyG"
print*,"Possible tests are:"
print*," -mpl-test performs tests on the series expansion of"
print*," convergent MPLs"
print*," -gpl-test tests GPLs and their reduction. This includes"
print*," real, ieps, and complex arguments"
print*," -chen-test compares all GPLs needed in [1811.06461] to"
print*," reference values"
#ifdef HAVE_MM
print*," -ginac-tests compare all GPLs needed by [1801.01033],"
print*," [1709.07435], and [1806.08241] to GiNaC"
print*," -speed-tests <n> compare the evaluation speed of the"
print*," aforementioned GPLs to GiNaC by averaging over"
print*," <n> evaluations"
print*," -hw-tests compares `random' GPLs with high weight to GiNaC"
print*," -long-test compares many `random' GPLs with weight up to"
print*," four to GiNaC"
#ifdef DEBUG
print*," -verb <n> sets the verbosity level to <n>"
print*," -report performs a coverage test"
end subroutine
function readint(prev,i) function readint(prev,i)
integer i, readint, st integer i, readint, st
character(len=32) :: arg character(len=32) :: arg
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