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%!TEX root=manual
\subsection{Creating a new process group}
Adding M{\o}ller scattering to \mcmule{}, the example discussed above,
requires the addition of a new process group {\tt ee}. For this we
create a new folder in \mcmule{} called {\tt ee} containing a
makefile (Listing~\ref{lst:eemakefile}), a {\tt mat\_el} file
({\tt ee/ee\_mat\_el.f95}, Listing~\ref{lst:eematel}) and a module
file ({\tt ee/ee.f95}, Listing~\ref{lst:eemod}). Finally, the name of
the process group needs to be added to the {\tt GROUPS} and {\tt
WGROUPS} variables of the makefile.

\caption{The bare makefile for the new process group {\tt ee}. Large
matrix elements that are stored in extra files such as {\tt
ee/ee2eeg.f95} or {\tt ee/ee\_ee2eel.f95} need to be added to the list
of {\tt AUXFILES}}

\caption{The file {\tt ee/ee\_mat\_el.f95} imports the complicated
matrix elements {\tt ee2eel} and {\tt ee2eegl}, defines the simple
matrix element {\tt ee2ee} as per \ref{lst:mollerlo}, and provides an
interface for the $\fM{n}1$ that is called from {\tt integrands}.}

\caption{The module file {\tt ee/ee.f95} which imports all matrix
elements of {\tt ee\_mat\_el} and defines the soft limits.}