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%!TEX root=manual
\section{Running \mcmule{}: an example}

In order to provide a simple example with concrete instructions on how
to run the code and to illustrate how it works, we consider the
radiative decay of the tau $\tau\to[\nu\bar\nu] e \gamma $. Since the
neutrinos are not detected, we average over them, indicated by the
brackets. Hence, we have to be fully inclusive w.r.t. the neutrinos.
Still, the code allows to make any cut on the other final-state
particles. As we will see, the \ac{BR} for this process, as measured
by {\sc BaBar}~\cite{Lees:2015gea, Oberhof:2015snl} has a
discrepancy of more than $3\,\sigma$ from the \ac{SM} value. This will
illustrate the importance of fully differential \ac{NLO} corrections
in \ac{QED}.