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%!TEX root=thesis
\bf process & \bf order & \bf experiments & \bf comments & \bf
$\mu\to\nu\bar\nu e$ & NNLO & MEG I\&II & polarised, massified \& exact & \cite{Engel:2019nfw}\\\hline
$\mu\to\nu\bar\nu e\gamma$ & NLO & MEG I & polarised &
$\mu\to\nu\bar\nu eee$ & NLO & Mu3e & polarised & \cite{Pruna:2016spf} \\\hline
$\mu\to\nu\bar\nu e\gamma\gamma$ & LO & MEG & polarised & priv. comm.\\\hline
$\tau\to\nu\bar\nu e\gamma$ & NLO & BaBar & cuts in lab frame &
$\tau\to\nu\bar\nu l\ell\ell$ & NLO & Belle II & & $*$ \\\thickhline
\multirow{3}{*}{$e\mu\to e\mu$} & NLO & \multirow{3}{*}{MUonE} & &
& \multirow{2}{*}{NNLO} & & purely electronic corrections &
\cite{Banerjee:mcmule} \\\cline{4-5}
& & & mixed (massified) & $\dag$\\\hline
$\ell p\to\ell p$ & NNLO & P2, MUSE, Prad & only leptonic
corrections & complete\\\thickhline
$e^-e^-\to e^-e^-$ & NNLO & Prad & &$*$\\\hline
$e^+e^-\to e^+e^-$ & NNLO & & &$\dag$\\\hline
$e^+e^-\to \gamma\gamma$ & NNLO & PADME & &$\dag$\\\hline
$e^+e^-\to \mu^+\mu^-$ & NNLO & Belle & massified & $\dag$
%!TEX root=manual
\mcmule{} ({\bf M}onte {\bf c}arlo for {\bf Mu}ons and other {\bf
le}ptons) is a generic framework for higher-order \ac{QED}
calculations of scattering and decay processes involving leptons. It
is written in Fortran~95 with two types of users in mind. First,
several processes are implemented, some at \ac{NLO}, some at
\ac{NNLO}. For these processes, the user can define an arbitrary
(infrared safe), fully differential observable and compute cross
sections and distributions. \mcmule{}'s processes, present and,
future, are listed in Table~\ref{tab:mcmuleprocs} together with the
relevant experiments for which the cuts are implemented. Second, the
program is set up s.t. additional processes can be implemented by
supplying the relevant matrix elements.
The public version of the code can be found at
An internal version can be found at
Access to the latter will be granted by the \mcmule{} core team
(\ac{MMCT}), usually for new collaborators who wish to extend
\mcmule{} in meaningful ways.
To obtain a copy of the code, {\tt git} is recommended
$ git clone --recursive
Alternatively, we provide a Docker container~\cite{Merkel:2014} for
easy deployment and legacy results (cf. Section~\ref{sec:docker}). In
multi-user environments, {\sl udocker}~\cite{Gomes:2017hct} can be
used instead. In either case, a pre-compiled copy of the code can be
obtained by calling
$ docker pull yulrich/mcmule # requires Docker to be installed
$ udocker pull yulrich/mcmule # requires udocker to be installed
We provide instructions on how \mcmule{} is used in
\caption{A list of processes that are either already included in
\mcmule{}, almost implemented ($*$), or planned to be implemented
......@@ -44,6 +44,9 @@ publication~\cite{Banerjee:mcmule} as well as the doctoral thesis it
is based on~\cite{Ulrich:2020phd} for detailed background information.}
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