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%!TEX root=manual
\def\checkmark{\tikz\fill[scale=0.4](0,.35) -- (.25,0) -- (1,.7) -- (.25,.15) -- cycle;}
\begin{longtable}{l|c|cc cc cc cc cc cc cc}
\bf\tt which\_piece & P? & \mm1{p_1} & \mm1{p_2} & \mm1{p_3} & \mm1{p_4} & \mm1{p_5} & \mm1{p_6} & \mm1{p_7}
\tt m2enn0 & \r3\yes & \r3{$\mu^\pm$} & \r3{$\to$} & \mm3{e^\pm} & \neutrino3\\
\tt m2ennF & \\
\tt m2ennFF& \\\hline
\tt m5ennR & \r5\yes & \r5{$\mu^\pm$} & \r5{$\to$} & \mm5{e^\pm} & \neutrino5 & \mm5\gamma\\
\tt m2ennRF& \\
\tt m2enng0& \\
\tt m2enngV& \\
\tt m2enngC& \\\hline
\tt m2ennRR& \r2\yes & \r2{$\mu^\pm$} & \r2{$\to$} & \mm2{e^\pm} & \neutrino2 & \mm2\gamma & \mm2\gamma\\
\tt m2enngR& \\\hline
\tt m2ennee0 & \r4\yes & \r4{$\mu^\pm$} & \r4{$\to$} & \mm4{e^\pm} & \neutrino4 & \mm4{e^\mp} & \mm4{e^\pm} \\
\tt m2enneeV &\\
\tt m2enneeC &\\
\tt m2enneeA &\\\hline
\tt m2enneeR & \r1\yes & \r1{$\mu^\pm$} & \r1{$\to$} & \mm1{e^\pm} & \neutrino1 & \mm1{e^\mp} & \mm1{e^\pm} & \mm1\gamma \\\hline
\tt tm2ennee0 & \r4\yes & \r4{$\tau^+$} & \r4{$\to$} & \mm4{\mu^+} & \neutrino4 & \mm4{e^-} & \mm4{e^+} \\
\tt tm2enneeV & \\
\tt tm2enneeC & \\
\tt tm2enneeA & \\
\tt tm2enneeR & \r1\yes & \r1{$\tau^+$} & \r1{$\to$} & \mm1{\mu^+} & \neutrino1 & \mm1{e^-} & \mm1{e^+} & \mm1\gamma
\tt m2ej0 & \r2\yes & \r2{$\mu^\pm$} & \r2{$\to$} & \mm2{e^\pm} & \mm2{J} \\
\tt m2ejF & \\\hline
\tt m2ejR & \r2\yes & \r2{$\mu^\pm$} & \r2{$\to$} & \mm2{e^\pm} & \mm2{J} & \mm2\gamma \\
\tt m2ejg0&
\tt em2em0 & \r{11}\no & \mm{11}{e^-} & \r{11}{$\mu^-$} & \r{11}{$\to$} & \mm{11}{e^-} & \mm{11}{\mu^-} \\
\tt em2emV & \\
\tt em2emC & \\
\tt em2emFEE & \\
\tt em2emFEM & \\
\tt em2emFMM & \\
\tt em2emA & \\
\tt em2emFFEEEE & \\
\tt em2emAA & \\
\tt em2emAFEE & \\
\tt em2emNFEE & \\\hline
\tt em2emREE & \r5\no & \mm5{e^-} & \r5{$\mu^-$} & \r5{$\to$} & \mm5{e^-} & \mm5{\mu^-} & \mm5\gamma \\
\tt em2emREM & \\
\tt em2emRMM & \\
\tt em2emRFEEEE & \\
\tt em2emAREE & \\\hline
\tt em2emRREEEE & \r1\no & \mm1{e^-} & \r1{$\mu^-$} & \r1{$\to$} & \mm1{e^-} & \mm1{\mu^-} & \mm1\gamma & \mm1\gamma
\tt mp2mp0 & \r6\no & \mm6{\mu^-} & \r6{$p$} & \r6{$\to$} & \mm6{\mu^-} & \mm6{p} \\
\tt mp2mpF & \\
\tt mp2mpA & \\
\tt mp2mpFF & \\
\tt mp2mpAA & \\
\tt mp2mpAF & \\
\tt mp2mpNF & \\\hline
\tt mp2mpR & \r3\no & \mm3{\mu^-} & \r3{$p$} & \r3{$\to$} & \mm3{\mu^-} & \mm3{p} & \mm3\gamma \\
\tt mp2mpRF & \\
\tt mp2mpAR & \\\hline
\tt mp2mpRR & \r1\no & \mm1{\mu^-} & \r1{$p$} & \r1{$\to$} & \mm1{\mu^-} & \mm1{p} & \mm1\gamma & \mm1\gamma
\tt ee2mm0 & \r2\no & \mm2{e^-} & \r2{$e^+$} & \r2{$\to$} & \mm2{\mu^+} & \mm2{\mu^-} \\
\tt em2emF & \\\hline
\tt ee2mmR & \r1\no & \mm1{e^-} & \r1{$e^+$} & \r1{$\to$} & \mm1{\mu^+} & \mm1{\mu^-} & \mm1\gamma
\tt ee2nn0 & \r5\no & \mm5{e^\pm} & \r5{$e^\mp$} & \r5{$\to$} & \mm5{\nu} & \mm5{\nu} \\
\tt ee2nnF & \\
\tt ee2nnS & \\
\tt ee2nnSS & \\
\tt ee2nnCC & \\\hline
\tt ee2nnR & \r3\no & \mm3{e^\pm} & \r3{$e^\mp$} & \r3{$\to$} & \neutrino3 & \mm3\gamma \\
\tt ee2eeRF &\\
\tt ee2eeI &\\\hline
\tt ee2nnRR & \r1\no & \mm1{e^\pm} & \r1{$e^\mp$} & \r1{$\to$} & \neutrino1 & \mm1\gamma & \mm1\gamma
%!TEX root=manual
process group {\tt mudec}
generic process {\tt m2enn}: $\mu\to\nu\bar\nu e$,
$\tau\to\nu\bar\nu e$, $\tau\to\nu\bar\nu\mu$
\item generic piece {\tt m2enn0}
\item generic piece {\tt m2ennF}
\item generic piece {\tt m2ennR}
%\item %generic piece {\tt m2ennNF}
\item generic piece {\tt m2ennFF}
\item generic piece {\tt m2ennRF}
\item generic piece {\tt m2ennRR}
generic process {\tt m2enng} $\mu\to\nu\bar\nu e\gamma$,
$\tau\to\nu\bar\nu e\gamma$, $\tau\to\nu\bar\nu \mu\gamma$
\item generic piece {\tt m2enng0}
\item generic piece {\tt m2enngV}
\item generic piece {\tt m2enngC}
\item generic piece {\tt m2enngR}
generic process {\tt m2ej} $\mu\to eJ$, ...
\item generic piece {\tt m2ej0}
\item generic piece {\tt m2ejF}
\item generic piece {\tt m2ejR}
generic process {\tt m2ejg} $\mu\to eJ\gamma$, ...
\item generic piece {\tt m2ejg0}
process group {\tt mudecrare}
generic process {\tt m2ennee}: $\mu\to\nu\bar\nu eee$,
$\tau\to\nu\bar\nu eee$, $\tau\to\nu\bar\nu \mu\mu\mu$
\item generic piece {\tt m2ennee0}
\item generic piece {\tt m2enneeV}
\item generic piece {\tt m2enneeC}
\item generic piece {\tt m2enneeR}
\item generic piece {\tt m2enneeA}
generic process {\tt t2mnnee}: $\tau\to\nu\bar\nu \mu ee$,
$\tau\to\nu\bar\nu\mu\mu e$
\item generic piece {\tt t2mnnee0}
\item generic piece {\tt t2mnneeV}
\item generic piece {\tt t2mnneeC}
\item generic piece {\tt t2mnneeR}
\item generic piece {\tt t2mnneeA}
process group {\tt mue}
generic process {\tt em2em}: $\mu e\to\mu e$
\item generic piece {\tt em2em0}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emV}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emC}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emFEE}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emREE}
\item partition {\tt em2emREE15}
\item partition {\tt em2emREE35}
\item partition {\tt em2emREEco}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emFEM}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emREM}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emFMM}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emRMM}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emRFEM}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emREM}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emFFEEEE}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emRFEEEE}
\item partition {\tt em2emRFEEEE15}
\item partition {\tt em2emRFEEEE35}
\item partition {\tt em2emRFEEEEco}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emRREEEE}
\item partition {\tt em2emRREEEE1516}
\item partition {\tt em2emRREEEE3536}
\item partition {\tt em2emRREEEEc}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emA}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emAA}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emAFEE}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emAREE}
\item partition {\tt em2emAREE15}
\item partition {\tt em2emAREE35}
\item generic piece {\tt em2emNFEE}
generic process {\tt mp2mp}: $\mu p\to\mu p$, $ep\to ep$
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mp0}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpF}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpR}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpR15}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpR35}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpRco}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpFF}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpRF}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpRF15}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpRF35}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpRFco}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpRR}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpRR1516}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpRR3536}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpRRc}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpA}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpAA}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpAF}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpAR}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpAR15}
\item partition {\tt mp2mpAR35}
\item generic piece {\tt mp2mpNF}
......@@ -53,6 +53,8 @@ is based on~\cite{Ulrich:2020phd} for detailed background information.}
%!TEX root=manual
\section{Particle identification in \mcmule{}}
The following table lists the {\tt which\_pieces} of \mcmule{} as well
as the corresponding PID. This information is obtained by compare the
entry for a {\tt which\_piece} in {\tt src/integrands.f95} with the
entry in {\tt src/mat\_el.f95}. For example for {\tt m2ennee0} we find
in {\tt integrands}
call set_func(b'000000', pm2enneeav)
ps => psd6_23_24_34_e56 ; fxn => sigma_0
nparticle = 6 ; ndim = 11
masses(1:6) = (/ Mm, Me, 0._prec, 0._prec, Me, Me /)
convfac = 0.25/Mm
polarised = .true.
This indicates that the process is available with polarised muons. The
masses give a first indication for PID. To narrow this down, we find
in {\tt mat\_el} for {\tt pm2enneeav}
use mudecrare, only: pm2enneeav!!(p1,n1,p2,qa,qb,p3,p4)
!! mu+(p1) -> e+(p2) \nu_mu(qA) \bar{\nu}_\mu(qB) e+(p4) e-(p3)
!! mu-(p1) -> e-(p2) \bar{mu}_e(qA) \nu_\tau(qB) e-(p4) e+(p3)
This means that $p_1 = {\tt p1}$, $p_2 = {\tt p2}$, $p_3 = {\tt qa}$,
$p_4 = {\tt qb}$, $p_5 = {\tt p3}$, $p_6 = {\tt p4}$.
%!TEX root=manual
\section{Available processes and {\tt which\_pieces}}
Here we list all generic processes and pieces available in \mcmule{}.
In some cases a generic piece is split into various partitions (cf.
Section~\ref{sec:ps} for details on why that is important).
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